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Illustration for "Desobedoc". 

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Illustrations for "DNa". The story of a dictatorship victim. 

Illustration for "DNa". 

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Series for a "Ciência Viva" and Knowledge Pavillion. 

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One of the five selected

among 5000 sardine shaped proposals submited to decorate Lisbon during the City festivities in July. 

It represents a typical street beer seller during

the festivities.

Three of the"sardines" actually got made in porcelain due to the partnership

of CML with Bordallo Pinheiro, a company of Vista Alegre. 

"Mines" is what folks call the small

portuguese beer bottles.

Illustration for a Fnac open mic event.

The Vizir. 

DNa. Short stories.

Pages for a comic.

Illustrations for a healthcare leaflet.

Postcard / flyer for a theater play.

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Illustration for a movie poster.

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