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Projecto para um livro de receitas vegetarianas.

​Project. A book with vegetarian recipes.

Sacos para LP's para a Fnac.

"In a perfect world everything would have a B side". Record bags for Fnac.

Identity work

O Ferrara trouxe a Paços de Ferreira, Capital do Móvel, um novo conceito de shopping, o melhor da moda e o melhor da decoração.

The Ferrara Plaza brought to Paços de Ferreira, (Portugal' Furniture Capital) a new shopping concept: the best of fashion and the best of interior design.

Businness card for a Baskettball Academy.


Concept for Cooltrain logo, a sub brand of CP, the Portuguese Railroad, aimed at a younger target.

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Restyling da linha Performa dos lubrificantes da Galp.

Restyling of the Performa line for Galp Car Lubricants

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Design and packaging for a new line of special coffee for Sical. 


Restyling of the Buondi Coffee packs.

The red level aoround the pack indicates it's intensity.


Film Poster. "House w/ Pool". A Short Film about a fisherman away from the sea.

Surfboard for Zon North Canyon, a sponsor of Garrett McNamara, home of the biggest waves in the world.

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"Exam Paper" to distribute at university campus with the Hyundai I20 getting the top grade. (20 points).

CTT's shop decorated with "forrest logo".


CTT Bike Tour.


Christmas catalog for Fnac Kids.

Logo for Beers and Bikes Motorcycle Club.

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Work in progress for a special handmade nail polish.

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